Dividend is inclusive gross distribution interim unit

  • Public Islamic Dividend Fund – Gross distribution of 2.00 sen per unit
  • Public Far-East Balanced Fund – Gross distribution of 1.75 sen per unit
  • Public Islamic Asia Dividend Fund – Gross distribution of 0.40 sen per unit

  • Public Ittikal Fund 15.00 sen
  • Public Islamic Equity Fund 6.5 sen

These funds have declared interim gross distributions in December 2007 ranging from 3.50 sen to 10 sen per unit. Among the eight funds declaring final dividends, Public Ittikal Fund and Public Balanced Fund declared a final gross distribution of 5 sen each, which in addition to the 10 sen already paid in December 2007, amounts to a total gross distribution of 15 sen respectively for the year ended 31 May 2008