My dream bike


Fuel consumption is mainly owing to traveling with vehicles. Do I have the option cut down the trips/traveling frequency?

How about exploring other alternatives like driving a motorcycle instead of a car. Shop at nearby neighborhood, walk there and benefit our muscles as well.

Budget. If every month, our household expenses fund is RM1000, then we have to revisit the budget allocation. Shall we cut the entertainment cost by half for fuel consumption? Buy less shoes during the mid year sale? Cut down the holiday trips travel within country instead of making overseas trips?

Be a smart consumer and consider lifestyle change. If we think something is overprice, boycott the item and lodge to consumer associations for further investigation.

Reduce the fuel cost by optimum driving technique. Check the manual for the individual car’s optimum speed, general rule of thumb is at 90km/h. Plan the journey and cut the short driving journey as starting the engine will burn more fuel. Avoid aggressive driving or tailgating to minimize chances to accelerate/press brake. Revisit the route travel, avoid roads with several traffic lights as we burn more fuel waiting at junctions and contributes to air pollution. Go to work at non peak hour. Make sure our car is at tip top condition like tyre properly inflated and change filter on timely basis. Removing the extra/unnecessary load and window rolled up will reduce drag and energy consumption\