“For the first time, Vienna ranks second together with Geneva in the worldwide 2008 Quality of Living survey of 215 cities”

I’m proud to be one of the tourist in the Vienna City.

Public transport in the city – tramway.

They speak Germany…

One of the busiest market located near to my hotel.

They are also selling jack fruit and durian. I was told by the hawkers, they got supply from Thailand…hmm, not Malaysia.

Really difficult to find halal food. Got shop sell kebab, but quit suspicious of the halal because they are also selling. This is the kebab that i bought from a meat shop. There are no liquor at the shop. With this size of kebab, I can eat with my wife and surely full.

Old classic building

This is the cheapest hotel that I found here. 55 Euro per night and of course much much better than hostel.

This is a church, i think…. got signboard but don’t understand any Germany words

Classical music Mozart was born here

Departure from Bratislava airport to Stansted UK.

London Train Station