After do some homework on which service to choose, finally celcom jadi pilihan to get connected to world of internet. So now, I can work independently from home. Hopefully, cake marketing, fertigasi, public mutual and other so called BIZ can be boost rapidly.


Let me share some experience with you, on the selection of internet operator that are offered by tel cos player in Malaysia. Of course, first company cross in our mind on the fastest internet provider is STREAMYX. Gaining information tru internet is not enough cos sometime, dealer out there having some promotion and you will getting such as more discount, more cheaper atau klu x pun… dapat free gift.

I went to TM Point to register fixed line so that streamyx can be conected. If not, no connection can be done. Only one counter open for application fixed line, and i have to wait almost 45 minutes. This is the promotion by streamxy:

I’m only interested to have minimum access of internet at home as I can access unlimited connection with leased line 100 Mbps without having prblem to the connection at my office. So my choice is to have a service based on access. This is what I got from their promotion

RM49 for 512kbps 60 hours access per month.

Unfortunately, sales person cannot locate my home address in their database. He asked me if i have neighbor’s phone number, so that he can refer in the system by key in the available number. With the current technology, I’m not sure people still having a fixed line as their main phone. For sure not, so the answer to the sales person is I don’t have that number.

To make it short, TM will send a team to investigate my taman weather got a phone line or not. So I have to wait for one week. Until today, I didn’t receive any feedback from them.

Have heard  the improvement service of broadband by celcom, I start to get some information on the celcom broadband promotion. This is what i’m interested most:

At celcom kuantan, got dealer booth outside the celcom branch. Huawei Modem RM499 and 3.2 Mbps speed with RM98 monthly. No contract aggrement means, we can terminate if found the service bad.

Other offer is (recommend by dealer) – RM98, 312kbps, unlimited access, contract 18 months. After 18 months, monthly fees back to RM68. They claimed free modem.

Actually, is not free modem… instead of paying RM499, we pay RM99-RM68 = RM31 for 18 months. Total of modem installment after 18 months is RM558. THis is what the salesman said ‘save’ for free modem package. If we pay cash for the modem, RM58 can be saved.

So, how’s the decision. Back to Bangi this week. I made planning to visit celcom at KL, may be there are different offer compare to Kuantan. My intuition was absolutelty correct, visit celcom at sg Chua. They offered me RM399 for modem and pay 399+98 for monhtly fees and will be connect with in 24 hours. DEAL.

Less than 12 hours, they were activate my sim and the internet ready to surf.

Some tips for new beginners like me to handle installation, detection of the celcom broadband using Huawei modem.

– Make sure you are in 3G coverage. Having connection with GPRS is damn bad. HSDPA is the best wireless connection and can go up to 7.2MBps.

– The modem is easy to install like other computer gadget coz it is plug n play. After installation completed, the modem will auto detect the coverage either GPRS, 3G or HSDPA. Luckily, my taman is in HSDPA coverage.

– When you are successfully connected to internet with the modem, do not over excited. Maybe you will overlook to some important part on your connection. As for me, at first place I found my modem connection is using GPRS, not 3G or HDSPA.

– Finally, i found one way to access HSDPA. Do not rush to choose GPRS. Let your modem view all the service available. It will search all the available connection in your area. If there is HSDPA service, then it will detect by the modem.

– Other thing that can be considered important is to make sure there are no other modem driver installed in your computer. If not, it will conflict. I found this happened to my PC as the nokia driver installed and Huawei modem don’t want to get connected. What i did is to uninstall all the PCsuit Nokia driver and the problem solved.