I didn’t believe it till I tried it either

Jack Rmy in Garden Grove CA. – best

I have had occasional gout for about 10 years. Most of the time I wake in the morning with a little twinge, I take my Colchicine, and by noon I’m ok. If it’s bad, I have Indomyacin and most of the time that’s all I’ve ever needed. However… This past week I got the worst case of gout you’d ever want. ( the right big toe knuckle) I tried all the doctor prescriptions but nothing worked. So my internet research found lots of people use Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, Acai berry juice, vitamin C, Flax Seed oil capsules, Apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”), and baking soda. Not all at once, I took them all. It hurt that bad.

gou cherry

Now I cant tell for sure which one or what combination it was, but it worked!! I took the Colchicine for 4 days and it did Nothing. With the above mentioned remedies, within 24 hours the Pain redness and swelling went down 90%. And I stopped the Colchicine before I started this. My intuition is that it was the Black Cherry Juice Concentrate and the Acia Juice. Luckily those are the two easiest to get down. Take 2 oz. of each twice daily.

Apr 19, 2009