Property is the best instrument of investment, price increment is tremendous after getting CF. But, the problem is liquidity. You got the market price but it’s not easy to find buyer in short time.

Bagus, kalau ada keupayaan untuk beli rumah. But make sure +VE CASH FLOW. Quoted by Kiyosaki ” House is not an asset when there is -ve cash flow of our income”.

SEWA? tgk tempat dan tgk rumah. If we can get auction house, with below market price, so monthly installment can be slightly lower compare to rental market.

Kalau rumah baru ? huhuhu, di Kuantan ? Dengan rumah harga RM130k, double storey, monthly RM700, it is hard to get +ve cash flow with rental less than RM 500. -ve RM200 is not good for an asset. It’s become LIABILITY!!

So!, what the option ? Guest House !!! Let see the spec of house that i plan to make a homestay.

Price: 250k, semi D, 4 room, 2 bathroom, location Kuantan Bukit Pelindung, Full Loan, Monthly installement RM1200, Full furnish, like hotel standard.

With an aggressive promotion, target 5 nights a month for Rm220 pernight. A month, i can get RM1100 it’s still have -100 deficit.

But we still have, school holiday, hari-hari cuti perayaan etc. Hopefully, ppl will come to Kuantan and go to the beauty beach cherating, balok, beserah and stay at homestay.

Dengan perancangan, marketing, promotion, strategy…. Harap2 to own property, to get + cash flow, guest house and homestay can be realized as soon as possible.