Telekom adalah monopoli dalam broadband provider. Walaupun ada service provider yang lain, tapi dengan infra yang telekom ada, kompeni lain masih x mampu nak lawan telekom…. internet gateway, telekom pegang!!


– somewhere in January 2009, fill up a form at kedai Telekom in Kuantan. The officer ask me to check either my Taman has the phone line… (customer has to check ?… this is typical of monopoly business..)

– you do business, you have to check for me… is it everything in the system ? i’m refused to do what they ask me to do….

– From month to month, no news from Telekom… huhuhu!! mcm pengemis… lantak nko lah, go to celcom, buy stick modem and get celcom broadband. celcom pun adik beradik telekom gak.. sama je..

– Somewhere in September 2009, got phone called from kedai telekom, offering streamyx. ‘Dalam sistem kami, encik ada mohon streamyx. boleh kami proceed ? ‘ YA ALLAH…after 9 months, baru nak offer line ? kalau pregnant, dah lahir baby dah…phewww!!!..

– celcom broadband pun sakit gak!!.. kejap ok, kejap tak ok…. at one time, x ok nya lama sangat… almost a month.. then decided to terminate. Customer service celcom pun cerita waktu nak terminate tu, dia pun terminate jugak yang dia punya…..huhuhuh!!

– lepas tu mula lah meraba, pakai maxis kejap, x ok, skrg pakai digi…. digi nih unlimited dan boleh buat voice call, tapi the problem here is, on EDGE. x sesuai langsung nak access guna komputer.

– decided to apply streamyx. PC fair somewhere in Mei 2010… applied at one booth. Tunggu jugak sampai June 2010, x de berita jugak. Satu hari, ada van telekom ronda kat taman, kebetulan tgh bersih2 kat luar rumah…… van streamyx berenti dan tanya encik dah ada streamyx ke ?.. saya apply almost 2 months, no news… yg dulu lagi teruk, 9 bulan prengant, baru nak call tanya…

– isi form lain, dekat unit ronda streamyx tuh, within 1 week get called from officer telekom to confirm package that i applied. Tunggu punya tunggu, selepas sebulan….. officer telekom call, beritahu x leh proceed sebab ada hutang RM700 x bayar. huhuhu!!! selepas masa begitu lama….. and finally, ada hutang masa di Johor, ada 1 rumah guna nama dan tuan rumah tu x bayar sampai sekarang… nama aku.. huhuhu..

– ask my wife to apply at kedai telekom… and the same thing happened although she put the same address as what i did before. The same process and procedure asking by sales kedai telekom to check weather got phone line or not in the Taman or any neighbor use fixed phone line and asking for their phone number…. WHAT IS THE SUCK!!! TELEKOM MALAYSIA… YOU ASK YOUR CUSTOMER to CHECK PHONE LINE, TO ASK NEIGHBOR PHONE NUMBER EVEN ASKING FOR NUMBER AT TIANG TELEKOM…..ish2x

– my wife just ignore what they ask her to do and we wait what will happen next.

– Appy in end of june 10… end of July, i think 29 july, got phone call from contractor to pull cable and wiring for telephone. I ask the contractor, how long telekom takes to up my streamyx ? he said within two days. Now is almost 1 week. Still no news from telekom.

– I don’t know what happen to my streamyx. I got phone line and can make call even i apply package 384kbps without phone line. No rushing i will wait and see what telekom will do it with my application. Since, there in no urgency of my internet usage, let see how long Telekom will takes to up my streamyx line.

– customer is alwasy right, customer is king!!… if the process is tedious, we change to other ISP. but the problem is, other ISP has a limitation in offering a good broadband service based on location. At the end we still rely to telekom. But as for me, i will wait and see, this is experience in a thousand of other ppl experience with streamyx and telekom and i beleive you are also has a nightmare dealing with telekom malaysia.

Till today, i’m still waiting a call from telekom malaysia.